Hulchul is a 2004 Hindi film released in India and directed by Priyadarshan. The movie has Akshaye Khanna, and Kareena Kapoor in the leading roles. Its star cast includes the veteran actors – Amrish Puri, Shakti Kapoor, Sunil Shetty and Jackie Shroff. Seasoned performers like Arshad Warsi, Arbaaz Khan, Farha Naaz and Laxmi, also make a part of the film. The movie is a hilarious portrayal of a love story that blooms between an unlikely pair, against the background of a bloody feud between their families that has been raging on for over two decades.


The movie is centered on two families – one headed by the patriarch Angaarchand (Amrish Puri) and the other by the matriarch Laxmi Devi (Laxmi). Long ago – some 20 years into the past – Angaarchand’s son Balram (Jackie Shroff) was to be married to Laxmi’s daughter. But at the time of the wedding, Laxmi opposes the marriage and storms the wedding ceremony with her sons and daughter. In the fight that ensues, Parvati, Angaarchand’s wife, is accidentally killed. An enraged Angaarchand then hacks Laxmi’s husband to death for which he is sent to prison for 14 years. When he returns, he prohibits the entry of women in his house permanently and forbids his sons – Balram, Shakti (Arbaaz Khan), Kishan (Paresh Rawal), and Jai (Akshaye Khanna) from ever marrying. He even erects a board prohibiting entry of women in the house.


It has now been twenty years since the bloodbath, but things have not cooled down between the families. Laxmi’s granddaughter, Anjali (Kareena Kapoor), is set to get married. But, Angaarchand and his sons prevent this from happening. Anjali is also humiliated by Jai when she arrives at her college after her cancelled wedding. Agitated by all these events, Laxmi convinces her granddaughter to trick Jai into falling in love with her and cause a stir in the family. Anjali tries everything but is unable to attract Jai. In the meanwhile, Jai plans a game of his own and decides to feign love for Anjali to hurt her and her family.

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However, as fate has it, in their attempts to hurt each other, the two actually fall in love. Fearing the wrath of their respective families, they start looking for ways to turn the situation around. In a desperate attempt to hide from his father’s wrath, Jai tries to convince his elder brothers to get married, albeit in vain. Amidst this, Lucky (Arshad Warsi), Jai’s friend, comes across some incredible information. Jai’s elder brother, Kishan had been leading a dual life in another town and had even started a family – a wife and two kids. Jai uses this information to get Kishan on his side. When Angaarchand finds about Kishan’s wife and kids, he throws him out of the house. Jai stands by his brother, and he too is thrown out.

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Meanwhile, Laxmi arranges Anjali’s wedding with her advocate’s son. When Jai and Anjali openly confess their love for each other to their parents, Laxmi comes up with a hideous and shrewd plan. She sends two of her sons to Angaarchand requesting him to prevent Jai from intervening with Anjali’s wedding. Unbeknownst to Angaarchand, she also requests Jai to stop Anjali’s wedding and marry her himself. Jai, along with his brother and friend sneak their way into the wedding venue and attempt to stop the wedding, creating chaos at the venue.


The movie is full of witty remarks, especially by the scions of comedy, Paresh Rawal and Arshad Warsi. Screenplay writer Neeraj Vora has done his part brilliantly. At the hands of Priyadarshan, the seemingly serious plot has taken a comical twist, all for the better. In his signature style, Priyadarshan has a steady flow of humor across the length of the movie, which grows into a crescendo at the climax. The last scene at the wedding is particularly a laughing riot. When you subscribe to one of these great TV entertainment packages by Charter Spectrum,  you can watch this and a lot more great entertainment.